i can imagine Taylor having 3 different Listening Sessions, one with the Instagram fans, one with twitter fans & one with Tumblr fans. Like one in her L.A house (today), one in her Nashville condo & one in her New York apartment.


if track 2 is called ‘maybe i’m the problem’ i’m telling you now it is going to be the catchiest, coolest and greatest song that’ll get stuck in everyone’s heads and all the haters will be so annoyed with it and taylor swift is going to end up sat on her throne of grammys and money all smug like "well you did ask me to write it"


@taylorswift:   I was so happy tonight, it made it impossible to remember the times in the past that I haven’t been


when you hear that taylorswift be creeping on tumblr


Taylor Swift - Shake It Off
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Shake It Off - Taylor Swift - Live at IHeartRadio Music Fest 2014

Taylor Swift - Shake It Off
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Taylor Swift performing Shake It Off at the 2014 iHeartRadio Music Festival.

Most celebrities: Don't invite fans to their properties
Taylor Swift: Invites fans to her Nashville apartment
Taylor Swift: Invites fans to her New York penthouse
Taylor Swift: Invites fans to her LA house
Taylor Swift: *probably will invite fans to her Rhode Island mansion.


taylorswift: a summary (insp)

Haha ‘looks sexy’


Taylor Swift has been in the music industry for 8 years and her biggest scandal was dating your favorite band member. If that’s the worst thing she’s done, I think she’s doing pretty good.


EVERY TIME I LISTEN TO RED IN ORDER I LOSE MY SHIT WHEN IT GOES FROM I ALMOST DO TO WANEGBT IT MAKES ME LAUGH SO HARD she’s like ‘i wanna call you but i won’t but i REALLY WANT TO I’M SO CLOSE TO CALLING YOU’ and then on the next track she’s just like ‘nah fuck it i’m done bye’


Mama Swift was telling a group of us fans how happy Taylor was about learning how to use tumblr and that she will randomly burst into laughter when she’s on her phone and she could tell she was reading a post from tumblr.